How we made editing better

After you’re done drafting your brief, as any brief writer knows, you’re never done. Often, you’re editing up to the deadline: typos are a frequent source of frustration, and sometimes you might even need to write a new paragraph, or  delete an entire section. At this point you’ve probably already sent your brief off to have the tables created, the formatting fine-tuned, and hyperlinks created for every authority you’ve cited to. TypeLaw’s editor helps alleviate all of these problems: after you’ve sent your brief to us, we have a comprehensive editor that updates your tables and page numeration automatically, allows for as many edits as you would like, and is available for free, unlimited downloads at the click of a button.

Updating tables can be a pain, something that we realized early on; if you have a full draft of your brief ready, but realize that you need to include an additional authority or remove one, most brief writers have to regenerate the entire table of authorities, a process that can literally take hours. In TypeLaw’s editor, however, we’ve realized that this is a huge source of frustration. Our editor is built from the ground up for editing a brief: any time you add, remove, or modify a heading or citation, it’s automatically reflected in the tables that were generated when we delivered your brief. This makes refining your brief an easy process—simply make your changes, and everything is reflected in the tables you’ve included. 

Additionally, you can make as many edits as you want, and our editor will know to update your brief accordingly. Even if you delete entire sections, we’ll keep track of it: not only will your brief’s tables be updated, but every page number and hyperlink will be shifted accordingly. In a regular PDF of a brief (the filetype requested by most courts) this would be a tedious process, and in most cases would lead to errors either in the tables or in the body of the brief itself. However, we regenerate the PDF of your brief with each change you make, leading to perfect tables, line numbers (for briefs that require pleading paper) and each hyperlink created at the exact place it should be.

For most brief processing services, an additional edit or change would be prohibitively expensive, leading to either excess costs or a brief being filed incompletely. However, TypeLaw’s editor is free for the lifetime of your brief: any changes you want to include, no matter the scope or timeline (even months after uploading your brief to us!) are completely free. You can make as many changes as you want, and download as many copies as you’d like, all included with the cost of your brief. We want to make sure that every brief is perfect, and by including the cost of editing a brief with our service, we hope that we can help all of our clients achieve that goal. Editing your brief can be costly and time intensive, but with TypeLaw it doesn’t have to be. Sign up for a free account today at, and we can help guide you towards creating and editing perfect briefs.